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Garage Conversion Ideas to Improve Your Home

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Does your garage need a new look? Does your home need extra living space? Garages can help upgrade a home with either a few tweaks or a full conversion. Here are some of the garage conversion ideas to help improve your home and quality of life.

Spare Bedroom

Your family’s growing. Your teenager wants more privacy. Or a family member is moving in with you for whatever reason. Converting your garage into a spare bedroom could create the extra space that you need.

Home Office / Business

Working from home is amazing. But it can also be distracting if you don’t have a dedicated space for your work. Why not convert your garage into your office? Garage conversion Los Angeles is not only practical but very for good business.


Let’s face it. Gym memberships can be expensive. And if you’re health-conscious and want to stay fit, converting your garage into a gym is the right way to go.

Family Room

Give your home some extra space by converting your garage into a family room. Enjoy watching movies and television, lounging or even playing video games together.

Children’s Playroom

A playroom can be the perfect garage conversion idea to help contain the chaos of having toys everywhere! A playroom will be perfect for playdates. Chalkboard walls, water sensory station and more!


Roof Repair Tips from California NRG

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Roofing can be one of the most difficult repair projects a homeowner has to go through. It is also one of the most important. An improper roof repair can lead to expensive and extensive water and weather damage. Trying to find a reliable roofing expert who charges an affordable price like California NRG is no easy feat. Here we have compiled a list of some roofing tips to look for in your roofing expert or for you do-it-yourselfers.

Insurance: A good roofing contractor should have insurance. Most states allow you to look up insurance numbers to verify them. Having a third-party inspector come out and assess a contractor’s work is a great way to ensure its quality. Sometimes you can make passing an inspecting a necessary part of your contract with the roof repairman.

Precise Measurements: In some things, it’s alright to just eyeball, but in roofing, you must be very specific. You should make sure that any professional roofer is doing the very precise measuring and using very precise methods of measuring. If not, this could be a sign of a shoddy contractor. Precise measurements can also help you to avoid purchasing more supplies than necessary.

Use A Trusted Roofer: When you are selecting or looking for a roofer, you want to go with the one who has a good amount of positive reviews from former clients. Oftentimes you can find out this information by going online and researching the contractor on a review site. Asking friends, family members and neighbors about who they used for any roof repairs is a good idea. Finding out about how their experience went with a particular company or contractor is a good way to find a trusted roofer.

Roofing Over: Professional and experienced contractors don’t roof over. Roofing over is the process of simply placing shingles over your pre-existing ones. Any contractor who knows what they are doing won’t because simply roofing over pre-existing shingles will shorten the lifetime and strength of your roof.

Check for Air Leaks: An air leak can cause you to pay up to thirty percent more in energy and utility costs. Finding and sealing air leaks is an easy way to save money. A qualified and experienced roof repair contractor like California NRG who specializes in roof repair Los Angeles will have no problem finding and sealing your air leaks, making your house less drafty and much more energy efficient.

Why You Should Hire California NRG for AC Installation and Maintenance in Los Angeles

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Sustainability: The professionals at California NRG are more than just your average HVAC technicians. They specialize in sustainability and in making your home more energy efficient. This not only saves you money but also increases the value of your home. Green homes that is homes that are energy efficient and incorporate sustainability like efficiency air conditioning units and solar panels, almost always sell for more than non-green homes. While you may have just moved into your new home and couldn’t imagine selling, there may come a day down the road where you do. That’s when you’ll be thankful that you had your air conditioning installation Los Angeles done by California NRG.

Experience: California NRG is the leading HVAC contractors in the entire state of California. They not only offer a free evaluation of your current air conditioning unit, they also identify areas of your home that are the cause of air leaks and subsequently high utility bills. This is one of the best things about California NRG; they have the know-how to not only identify your problems but also to solve them. In addition to air conditioning installation and maintenance, they also do roofing and work with sealing doors and windows. This makes California NRG a one-stop shop in making your home more energy-efficient.

Savings: California NRG is very proud to say that they reduce the average homeowner’s utility bills by a whopping thirty percent. Think of all the things that you could do with the extra savings you’ll have from California NRG. Thirty percent more money to do the things you love, to travel, to shop, maybe to buy a new flat screen. In addition to saving on utility bills, California NRG can also help you apply for federal incentives for energy efficiency.

Trust: California NRG isn’t some sort of new contractor outfit. They have been around for twelve years. A company wouldn’t be able to stick around that long if they didn’t have quite a legion of loyal and happy customers. If you do some research online or ask around town you will very quickly find out that California NRG is loved for its affordable and money-saving work. If you’re worried about size or waiting forever for a technician to come to your home, California NRG employs over fifty-five highly trained technicians to help you.

How To Choose A Reliable Roofing Expert

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Finding roof repair in Los Angeles can be a hard task.  Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, but it can be one of the most difficult parts to fix. You want to find a reliable roofer who charges affordable prices like Cali NRG. Many people, in trying to get a cheap fix, fall prey to scams that leave them without a new roof and seriously out of cash. To avoid being scammed and stuck with an inadequate roof, here are a couple of tips.

Avoid Roofing Over If any professional suggests that you simply roof over your pre existing shingles, this is a red flag. A contractor who is reputable and professional will replace new shingles as simply roofing over them shortens the durability and life of your roof.

Correct Measurements Make sure that the contractor is purchasing enough material for your roof. This may sound like a no brainer, but a contractor who takes your money and doesn’t purchase enough materials to completely replace your roof is one that is almost definitely out to scam you.

Understanding The Entire Roof System A roofing expert should know more than just about putting shingles in place. A reliable roofing expert should know about how to modulate attic temperatures and what the right ventilation is to inhibit extreme water build up. These can be questions to ask your roof. If he or she fumbles, that could be a serious sign of an unreliable roofer.  

Solid Reviews A reliable roofer should have a plethora of satisfied customers. Online research or just through asking around should allow you to discern whether a roofer leaves happy customers or not so happy customers in his or her wake.

A Good Portfolio Just like solid reviews, a reliable roofing expert will have a solid portfolio of previous work. They should also have a guarantee of standing by completed work.

Consider Inspection If you’re worried about your roof’s quality or just want to be safe, you should consider having it inspected by a third party inspector. In some cases, you could make payment between you and your roofer contingent on a positive inspection.

Certifications A reliable roofing expert should have insurance. He or she should also be licensed and bonded. Depending on the state that you are in, there are ways that you can verify insurance and license numbers.

Why Switch To Solar Power In Los Angeles

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With an average of two hundred and eighty-four sunny days, there are way more reasons to switch to solar power in Los Angeles than not. Solar panels in Los Angeles are becoming more and more popular. Perhaps this is because as one of the largest cities in the United States, Los Angeles requires a lot of power. Or it could also be due to the fact that the state of California recently passed a law requiring all new homes to have solar panels. Electricity costs for residents keep rising and rising making Los Angeles a city with some of the highest energy costs in the nation. One way to help mitigate that could be through lowering energy use and being conscious about things like leaving lights or fans on. Another could be harnessing the power of the sun through solar panels.

Many people are wary about switching to solar panels. This is usually because they have heard stories about solar panel installations high sticker price, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. The sticker price for installing solar panels can be around twenty thousand dollars, but this is before you apply any of the tax breaks and rebates. Through these programs, you typically bring the cost of a solar panel system down to about eleven thousand dollars, almost half the sticker price. While for many people this figure may still be too much, it’s important to recognize the savings. It is estimated that over your solar panel system’s lifetime in Los Angeles it will save you an estimated $41,413.16. This is a whopping savings. Though of course the exact amount of your savings will depend on variables like your power consumption, roof size and sun exposure. Google has a handy little tool called the Solar Savings Estimator that allows you to type in your address and then calculate how much money installing solar panels will save you over the course of twenty years.

With the abundance of sun in the Los Angeles area and the abundance of savings that come from switching over to solar, there’s not reason not too. Reducing reliance on polluting sources of energy and switching over instead to sustainable ones can be great not only for your wallet, but for the environment too. Using Solar Installers Los Angeles also creates jobs while creating savings and sustainability for you.

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Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Panels

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The cost of living continues to rise. That includes the price of traditional electrical energy. It’s no wonder more people are turning to the sustainability and reliability of solar energy. The cost for solar panel systems have dropped over the years and continue to drop. There are now more than 1.7 million solar installations in the U.S. Now is the perfect time join the green revolution and install solar panels. Here’s why you should start taking advantage solar panel installation in Los Angeles today.

Solar power is reliable.

Have you ever experienced a power outage during a thunderstorm? Have a generator break down? We know that fossil fuels can run out. But we don’t have to worry about any of that with solar energy. The sun rises. The sun sets. The sun produces 4 million tons of energy every second! The sun will never increase your energy rates for profit. Solar energy is free–a free source of energy that no company or corporation can control.

Solar panels can reduce your energy bill.

It’s estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy that you can save somewhere between 5% to 30% on your utility bills. Consumers who used solar panels saved an average of $44 to $187 per month on their energy bill. Not to mention, solar panels are practically maintenance-free. Once your panels have been installed, you’re all set.a They’re free from recurring costs. There’s a reason traditional energy corporations have been pushing back against the growing solar industry.

Solar panels help you save money on your taxes.

Not only will you be able to save money on your energy bill, you could earn a tax credit. People who use qualifying renewable and sustainable energy appliances are eligible for a tax credit of up to 30%.

Solar panels are the epitome of independence.

If you’ve ever wanted to live off the grid but still needed a reliable energy source, solar panels is your answer. With solar energy, you’re literally off the electrical grid. Solar energy is accessible even in the most remote places. Not only does solar panels increase your own independence, but it increases the U.S. independence by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and coal.

Solar panels literally save lives.

Switching to solar energy reduces our carbon footprint. Solar energy doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. Solar panels can also reduce the risk of premature death because it reduces exposure to harmful emissions.

There are so many benefits to going green and installing solar panels on your home or business. You can begin saving money on your energy bills and saving the planet by contacting Cal NRG.

Why Conserving Energy Makes A Big Difference

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Many people know of the basic benefits for conserving energy. You can cut greenhouse gases, save some money on your energy bills and help cut down pollution in general, but there are many more benefits to conserving energy as well. A house that is energy efficient will have less drafts, making the inside climate much more efficient and regulated throughout the entire house. A house that is energy efficient typically tries to utilize more natural light when possible, which is better for your eyes and your health in general. By getting rid of old windows that leak heat and air-conditioning and replacing them with new energy-efficient ones, you can have windows that are easier to open, clean and better for security. By saving energy in your home, you can literally pollute less which is great for the planet, but also for yourself. Through the money that you will be able to save through conserving more energy allows you to spend more money on things you enjoy like travel and other activities.

By conserving energy through the use of certified energy efficient appliances, it is estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy that you can save somewhere between five to thirty percent on your utility bills. For those that don’t know, an appliance that is energy efficient is specially designed and manufactured to use less energy through its use while doing the same task like washing dishes or doing the laundry.

If you are considering selling your home or want to increase its value for when you sell it eventually in the future, homes that are energy efficient sell on average for higher prices than homes that are not. Everything that you do to your home to make it more energy efficient can increase its value down the road. Contractors or HVAC technicians that do air conditioning installation in Los Angeles can assist you in making sure that your California home is as energy efficient as possible with no major leaks that can cost you thousands in additional heating and cooling costs.

If you make changes to your home to increase its energy efficiency, you can begin to improve your own and your family’s quality of life. Some of the health benefits brought on through energy conservation are lower risks of illness as well as less mold growth. Some of these are through your home being warmer, drier and properly ventilated. With so many reasons to conserve energy, there’s no excuse not to. Whether your motivations are financial, environmental, health or some combination of all three, conserving energy is good for your, your wallet and all of us living on Planet Earth.

How To Reduce Your Energy Costs

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Many people struggle with energy bills that are too high but think that it will cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront to buy new energy efficient appliances and gadgets or that the only way to really lower your energy consumption is to never turn the lights on. I mean, humans have night vision, right? Luckily, there are plenty of easy and simple things you can do to lower your energy consumption.

One easy way to lower your energy costs it to make sure to keep your vents clean. By checking the vents in your home and making sure that they are open and clear, you can help your air-conditioning and heat systems work more effectively and therefore save you more money. It is important to know that if your vents are closed, it will raise your energy costs. It’s important to make sure to regularly replace your air filters. These filters are responsible for keeping out dust and dirt from floating around in your vents. They also help increase airflow, allowing your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently.

Another little known, but the helpful tip is to run any ceiling fans you have counter-clockwise during the summer for energy savings. Reducing heat consumptions all around it a great way to save energy as well. By setting the laundry machine to primarily cold washes, you can save money since the machine will no longer have to spend so much energy heating up water. Heating up the water in your washing machine typically amounts for about ninety percent of the energy spent washing your clothes. Making sure that about twenty-five percent of your dryer is unfilled can allow for an easier airflow and therefore quicker dry times. This seems a little against the grain since most of us pack the washer and dryer until it’s completely full, but this tip can help you from having to run the drier two or three or four times.

For those that are really serious about reducing their energy costs, having a company like Cali NRG, who specialize in home improvements in Los Angeles, come in and determine ways for you to reduce energy costs can be a very worthwhile investment. Companies like Cali NRG, who are also remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, can help you determine the steps to take to save bundles on your electricity bills.

Eight Ways to Save Energy at Home

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Saving energy at home is a great way to lower your electricity bills, while also helping the environment. Here are some easy ways for you to go about saving electricity at home.

  1. Air Dry your dishes. By allowing your dishes to dry on the counter or on hanging racks, instead of in the dishwasher you can decrease dishwasher energy usage by fifteen to twenty percent, saving you bundles in electricity costs. This tip works out extra well in the summer when it’s so hot that the water evaporates right of the plates anyways.
  2. Lower the temperature on your water heater. You may have heard about this tip before, but by just lowering the temperature on your water heater you can save about twelve to thirty dollars for every ten degrees Farenheit you reduce it by.
  3. Make sure to insulate heat ducts. By following this easy tip, you can stop losing the average twenty to thirty percent of air that is loss through uninsulated air ducts.
  4. Install low-flow showerheads. The standard usually used for maximum water efficiency is a showerhead with a flow rate that is less than two and a half gpm.
  5. Use Energy-Star Light Bulb. By sticking with light bulbs that qualify for Energy-Star, you can save a whopping twenty to twenty-five percent compared to traditional light bulbs.
  6. Use A Programmable Thermostat. By using a programmable thermostat like the very popular Nest model, you can lower your electricity bills while heating and cooling your house more efficient. A programmable thermostat works by say automatically turning off the heat or air conditioner at eight am after everyone has left the house and automatically turning it back on a four or five when everyone starts to get back home.
  7. Seal air leaks. By sealing air leaks, you can save up to thirty percent on your energy costs. Many people may not feel qualified to go out and seal their own air leaks. Some leaks may even require roof or air conditioning duct repairs. A contractor like Cali NRG that does ac installation in Los Angeles and roof repair in Los Angeles can help you find and seal any air leaks you may have, ultimately saving you a bundle in energy costs.
  8. Use An Insulating Blanket. For your water heater that is. This may sound sort of weird, but wrapping an insulating blanket around your water heater can help you reduce standby heat losses by twenty-five to forty-five percent as well as save you about four to nine percent in water heating costs.

8 Fantastic Home Remodeling Ideas

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Marble Floors Nothing adds class to a place like marble floors. If you think you need to be a multimillionaire to make your crib look like the inside of Caesar’s Palace, think again. If you check scraps and different queries you may be able to get the floors of your dreams on the cheap side.

Fireplace Ever dream of cozying around the fireplace, reading a book, sipping some hot chocolate? This home remodels idea is one that the whole family is sure to love and enjoy especially on cold winter nights.

New Cabinets Updating or renovating your entire kitchen can be expensive. Sometimes, it can help to just start with the cabinets. A new set of cabinets can freshen up and modernize even the drabbest of kitchen decorums.

Build A Bar Nothing says “party house” like sticking a bar in a living or dining room’s empty nook. Having a bar allows you to serve your friends and family like they’re out at a restaurant, a sure thing to make your house the house to go to.

Add Ceiling Beams If you don’t happen to live in an old craftsman, but want to, the first thing to do to create the look is to add a couple ceiling beams, preferably out of some old timber or other nice woods. This will create a beautiful yet sturdy aged look in your home that you’re sure to love.

Try Some Wallpaper While the idea of wallpaper may vividly remind you of your grandparent’s house, it’s for sure making a comeback. Todays, there’s a lot funkier and fun patterns available other than dry looking flowers. Be sure to have a professional apply it to avoid bubbles and crease lines.

A New Coat Of Paint A house with a good color scheme is one that is hard to forget. Whether you want soothing blues and greens to create a sanctuary, bright yellows, reds, and oranges to create a festive vibe or whites, blacks and grays to create the ultimate modern look, paint can be the decider for what you want your house to say and feel like.

Countertops Whether you want granite, wood, cement or marble, countertops can add just the right dose or character, class or brevity that you want in your space.

Where To Go: To get these and more of your home remodeling fantasies turned into reality, go to Cali NRG, the best remodeling contractors in Los Angeles.