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Air Conditioning Installation Los Angeles - California NRG

Leading California HVAC Contractors!

Welcome to California NRG, a leading California HVAC efficiency contractor. Find out the savings you’re losing with a FREE evaluation of your AC unit that will identify areas of your home that is the source of high utility bills.


Find Out How Much You’ll Save

Best Government Incentives for California Homeowners
Get Tax Benefits and Credits
Increase the Value of the Home

Cali NRG provides Air Conditioning installation in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. You can count on our team for fast and reliable service as we make sure all installations are done adequately the first time. This is why we are LA’s number one choice for quality and affordable AC repairs and maintenance. We take care of all of your air conditioning, heating, duct systems, freon and efficiency tuning, thermostats, and controls needs.

What Would You Like To Do?
Increase Your Home Value?
With a well-maintained air conditioning and heating system can bring you major savings from saving the environment to cooling and heating your home efficiently. Contact us to get a FREE energy savings evaluation.

New Roof Installation (Residential)
Savings on energy increased by 37% in the first month.

Canoga Park, CA

7KW Solar System (Commercial)
$350+ a month electric bill cut down to $24

Huntington Beach, CA

4KW Solar Panels (Residential)
$281 a month slashed to $27 a month

Simi Valley, CA