About California NRG

With over 12 years of experience, we are proud to be one of California’s favorite home energy efficiency contractors.
We are prepared to assist you make your home more energy efficient with home improvements such as, Cool Roofing, Energy Star Air Conditioning, Window, and Solar Panel Installations, Home Insulation as well as garage conversions.
49 millions Americans are living on low incomes and solar energy has mostly not touched their lives. At California NGR we believe solar energy should be accessible to everyone, and we will go over all of your options to make your home energy improvements cost effective with easy and most affordable financing options, maximizing your investments by reducing your energy bills and saving you money over time. Our company is based in Southern California and we operate throughout Los Angeles and Orange county. Our experienced Team is always available to deliver clear and reliable results.

Only the best
employees and workmanship

We know that any successful company has figured out that our customers are first and foremost when it comes to their energy savings. We have instilled in our employees the ability to reach out to management and give their honest feedback and ideas for making their job better for the customer.

The culture around California NRG’s headquarters is an open book. We encourage growth from within.

Our Mission

To exceed your expectations by providing quality energy solutions for your home that will last a lifetime.

Energy Evolutions

We help you keep up with energy technologies. You are in good hands when it comes to your home being the most efficient property on the block.

Long Lasting Partnership

Count on California NRG to be there in the future for all of your home energy needs.

Cost / Quality Balance

With home energy upgrades and such it needs to make sound financial sense. We go over all your options to make your home energy upgrade cost effective and with great Califorina State tax incentives you may come out ahead.

Always Be Dreaming

We can help make your dream a reality with our design team. They are the best when it comes to saving you money. Get started today!

We promise to provide quality workmanship and on-time solutions for your home.

With on-going education and training for our staff is what separates us from the other energy contractors. We listen to those around us to hear what is being said and what changes we could make from those suggestions. Feel free to let us know what we could do to make things better.

How we work

To achieve this, it would be necessary to have uniform

1. Identifying Your Needs

With our proven home energy consultation we use a checklist to identify areas around your home that may be wasting energy either through cracks, vents, cooling systems, windows or doors and roofs.

2. Planning Project

Once our expert energy consultant is finished with your FREE evaluation we can start the planning phase. That’s where our contractors layout their findings and figure out how to save you money.

3. Developing

The 3rd phase is the actual installation and maintenance on your home by licensed contractors that do it right the first time.

See How Much You Could Save

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