Why You Should Hire California NRG for AC Installation and Maintenance in Los Angeles

Why You Should Hire California NRG for AC Installation and Maintenance in Los Angeles

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Sustainability: The professionals at California NRG are more than just your average HVAC technicians. They specialize in sustainability and in making your home more energy efficient. This not only saves you money but also increases the value of your home. Green homes that is homes that are energy efficient and incorporate sustainability like efficiency air conditioning units and solar panels, almost always sell for more than non-green homes. While you may have just moved into your new home and couldn’t imagine selling, there may come a day down the road where you do. That’s when you’ll be thankful that you had your air conditioning installation Los Angeles done by California NRG.

Experience: California NRG is the leading HVAC contractors in the entire state of California. They not only offer a free evaluation of your current air conditioning unit, they also identify areas of your home that are the cause of air leaks and subsequently high utility bills. This is one of the best things about California NRG; they have the know-how to not only identify your problems but also to solve them. In addition to air conditioning installation and maintenance, they also do roofing and work with sealing doors and windows. This makes California NRG a one-stop shop in making your home more energy-efficient.

Savings: California NRG is very proud to say that they reduce the average homeowner’s utility bills by a whopping thirty percent. Think of all the things that you could do with the extra savings you’ll have from California NRG. Thirty percent more money to do the things you love, to travel, to shop, maybe to buy a new flat screen. In addition to saving on utility bills, California NRG can also help you apply for federal incentives for energy efficiency.

Trust: California NRG isn’t some sort of new contractor outfit. They have been around for twelve years. A company wouldn’t be able to stick around that long if they didn’t have quite a legion of loyal and happy customers. If you do some research online or ask around town you will very quickly find out that California NRG is loved for its affordable and money-saving work. If you’re worried about size or waiting forever for a technician to come to your home, California NRG employs over fifty-five highly trained technicians to help you.

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