How To Reduce Your Energy Costs

How To Reduce Your Energy Costs

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Many people struggle with energy bills that are too high but think that it will cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront to buy new energy efficient appliances and gadgets or that the only way to really lower your energy consumption is to never turn the lights on. I mean, humans have night vision, right? Luckily, there are plenty of easy and simple things you can do to lower your energy consumption.

One easy way to lower your energy costs it to make sure to keep your vents clean. By checking the vents in your home and making sure that they are open and clear, you can help your air-conditioning and heat systems work more effectively and therefore save you more money. It is important to know that if your vents are closed, it will raise your energy costs. It’s important to make sure to regularly replace your air filters. These filters are responsible for keeping out dust and dirt from floating around in your vents. They also help increase airflow, allowing your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently.

Another little known, but the helpful tip is to run any ceiling fans you have counter-clockwise during the summer for energy savings. Reducing heat consumptions all around it a great way to save energy as well. By setting the laundry machine to primarily cold washes, you can save money since the machine will no longer have to spend so much energy heating up water. Heating up the water in your washing machine typically amounts for about ninety percent of the energy spent washing your clothes. Making sure that about twenty-five percent of your dryer is unfilled can allow for an easier airflow and therefore quicker dry times. This seems a little against the grain since most of us pack the washer and dryer until it’s completely full, but this tip can help you from having to run the drier two or three or four times.

For those that are really serious about reducing their energy costs, having a company like Cali NRG, who specialize in home improvements in Los Angeles, come in and determine ways for you to reduce energy costs can be a very worthwhile investment. Companies like Cali NRG, who are also remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, can help you determine the steps to take to save bundles on your electricity bills.

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