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Federal incentives help you upgrade to energy efficient systems that save money

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Welcome to the Official CalNRG homepage. We’re proud to be California’s favorite home improvement contractors. See how affordable our products and services are to help make your home more energy efficient with energy-star friendly methods that will lower your monthly utility bills. Get a FREE no-obligation energy evaluation to start saving money and the environment.

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$330,000 in Savings

We’ve reduced homeowners utility bills by 30% and use that money for things they love.

190 Mega Watts Installed

As an experienced company we’ve installed a lot of panels.

12 Years in Business

We’ve been around a while, so we know that customers are first.

55+ Happy Employees

Energy experts that are working within our company. Only the best trained and experienced are recruited.

We help homeowners save money on energy with services to lower utility bills. Get started with a free in-home energy consumption evaluation.

Let us find out what you could do to increase the efficiency of your home. Our FREE Energy Report will give you a valuable insight to where you are wasting money on energy. We are experienced contractors that know how to save money, time and resources.

In need of home improvement and Remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, CA? Contact Cali NRG today! As California gravitates towards energy efficient homes and lifestyles, we would love to be part of your transition. Whether you want to lower your costs, reduce energy usage, or install solar panels – we can help you save time, money and energy through it all. If you are not sure how much energy you are using, we can provide an energy audit to help you better understand which of our products or services you need.

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AC and Heating

Save money with our environmentally friendly ac and heating evaluation that finds where you a losing money with your energy bills.

Water Management

Get savings out of your water bills with our 21 point inspection for water management in your home. Customers see noticeable differences in their monthly water bills.

Doors and Windows

Most energy waste is through the doors and windows of a home. We install double pane glass and energy efficient doors for the best prices in the industry.

Solar Power

CalNRG powers your home with the sun using American made solar panels. Get off the grid or just a partial set of rooftop panels will lower your energy footprint and allows your independence from utility companies.

LED Retrofit Lighting

Get bulbs that last 20 years and be smart with our LED retrofit lighting that decreases your energy consumption and lowers your light bill.

Energy Efficient Roofing

With utility bills going “through the roof” we offer repair, replacement and installation of the best roof on the block. See what your neighbors will think with a new roof for your home.